About Justin Nel

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Who is Justin Nel?

I am a software developer that makes electronics in my spare time. My mother was a punch card programmer whom worked at the company that invented the ATM, and got me into computers at an early age. I have been writing code since I was 6 years old, sold an adventure game engine with tools that I wrote to a Japanese company at the age of 16, began to teach programming (among other subjects) as a College Lecturer at the age of 17.

Some of the places I have since done work with include the military, law firms, big international publishing companies, international postal couriers, and even Amazon. I have made printer drivers for warehouse label printers that out perform anything else on the market, software that can read and write to a custom file type faster and with better error handling than the people who designed it, single handedly ported a windows application into a multi-platform web based application that had more features and out performed the original application, among a number of other feats. I love to have fun, but I take my work seriously.

Originally born in Jo’burg, South Africa, moved to England at the age of 16, remained there until the age of 30 and then moved to Sweden for a job I was offered.

What are you doing now?

At the beginning of 2015 I emigrated from England to Sweden, and now I am working as a Ninja for tretton37.

I spend almost every lunch break at the gym, and spent most of 2015 clearing my backlog of things I want to do, instead of doing new and cool things. A clear mind holds no obstacles against challenges that may be faced in the future.