There was some delay due to postal problems with ChinaPost, but after some persistence I eventually got more of my flower badges in stock!


I had a great time at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire today.

We unfortunately sold out of the Soldering Is Easy kits, and not everybody got to build one. I will however be making more of the flower badges, as well as a variety of others. Please contact me if you would like to purchase a kit. Unique kits, collaborative designs and customizations are available for bigger orders. Contact me for further details.

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @Cyberlane

I do my best to read all my emails and respond within the same day, however I am going away on vacation next week and most likely will not be able to respond to my emails until I return on Saturday the 14th of September, 2013.

I will be regularly updating this site with new projects and kits, so be sure to check back!

##Brighton Mini Maker Faire attendees##

If you purchased flower badges at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire, and are looking for instructions on how to build your kit. Please visit this page for further information :

Due to popular request, I have decided to add a mini blog to my website so I can keep people up to date with what I am working on! As and when I am working on new projects, or have something I feel is worth sharing with the world, I will be adding another post.

I am receiving another batch of the Soldering Is Easy badges in the next few days, and will put them up on here to sell for anybody interested in buying more to build at home. On a related note, I am also finalizing some designs for a range of Christmas themed kits and should have all the details for those to ready to share in the next few days as well. Now to add to the excitement, I am planning to host a series of small workshops in Brighton in November and December! So if you would like to attend another fun workshop, or have some friends who feel they missed out on the one I had the Brighton Mini Maker Faire, these will be great for you all!

If you have any questions or want me to drop you an email to make sure you don’t miss out, then feel free to contact me! My email address and twitter are both on my home page.

So unfortunately, I ran out of time to complete this project for my original deadline, began to panic and made some stupid mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes I made was to make use of a voltage regulator where I should have been using a level converter…

Anyway, although I ran out of time for my original deadline, I still plan on completing this project (along with all of my others). However, without a deadline looming above my head, I have more time to think about everything and calculate it all out correctly.

I had my German tutor over this evening, so I did not get a chance to touch this circuit until an hour ago. So far I have hooked up my PIC16F1825 to programming pin headers and the colored blocks seen in the image below. Unfortunately I do not have a 14.7456MHz crystal so I am using a 16MHz for now - hopefully it either makes no major difference, but just to be safe I’ve placed an order for the other crystals which should arrive on Friday.


I’ll try to finish off the circuit (wiring at least) tomorrow, and then I can start looking into the writing the code on the PIC16F to do the rest. Technically, since the SD card code is already done, the actual code for this circuit should be dead simple. Upon further reading, I’ve found somebody else has modified the circuit I am basing mine off of as well which makes me even more certain that this is just going to work without any problems. It’s good to have some reassurance about a circuit working when you have a tight deadline!