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Some may have noticed that I have not been exactly the most active person on making posts on here lately. The biggest reason for this is not due to a lack of having things to talk about, but more of a struggle on finding out how to seperate what is personal, what is professional, what is a project, etc. I tried to fit too much onto this one website and it began to make me second guess everything I would put up here.

After having spoken to a friend, I decided to create another website where I have begun to post some initial content. I intent to continue sharing code snippets, and regular blog posts here on Cyber-Lane, whilst the new website will contain links to mini projects and experiments I have done, along with products I look to sell in the near future.

This small seperation has made my mind a LOT easier, and I feel I can now think more about producing content and just getting it out there. The moment I find something does not fit in either, I will make another site. Let’s see how this goes!

On another note, I am working on running some more Kidspeak workshops this year. There will be one down in Skåne and another in Stockholm (details coming soon), and then of course I will be at Leetspeak once again.

KidSpeak in Lund

Kidspeak is coming to Lund, Sweden Continue reading

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Published on August 04, 2016