Contour Logic Project Started

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A new project is starting for me, and I think this one is going to go far as well, as there seems to be quite a large demand for it, plus I believe it will be easy for me to develop.

This application is yet another drawing application, but what this one will need to do is:

  • Enter in x/y/z co-ordinates
  • Draw lines between each x/y located on the same z
  • Specify how smooth line edges are to be drawn
  • Save to local editable format
  • Export to AutoCAD (*.dxf) format

This is the basics for the initial release, in future releases there will be a lot more. I have a lot of ideas of numerous other things I would love to add to this, but for now, I will get the initial application up and running and add from there.

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Published on March 22, 2017