Forwarding uploaded files to another service

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I was playing around with a small project yesterday evening, where I was receiving uploaded files to my NancyFX service but needed to send those on to another web service, but this was not as simple as I had hoped.

So originally I had hoped there would be a content type you could send to the HttpClient object, which would allow you to add an array of files to be sent and it would just work, but unfortunately it was not that simple.

Fortunately, I was not the first person to encounter this problem and found somebody on StackOverflow with a simple solution to the problem, so I tried it with my code and it worked beautifully!

        public UploadModule(IConfigurations configurations)
#if (!DEBUG)
            Post["/upload", true] = async(_, token) =>
                using (var content = new MultipartFormDataContent())
                using (var client = new HttpClient())
                    foreach (var file in Request.Files)
                        content.Add(CreateFileContent(file.Value, file.Name, file.ContentType));

                    var response = await client.PostAsync(configurations.ImageServer, content);
                    return HttpStatusCode.OK;

        private StreamContent CreateFileContent(Stream stream, string fileName, string contentType)
            var fileContent = new StreamContent(stream);
            fileContent.Headers.ContentDisposition = new ContentDispositionHeaderValue("form-data")
                Name = "\"files\"",
                FileName = "\"" + fileName + "\""
            }; // the extra quotes are key here
            fileContent.Headers.ContentType = new MediaTypeHeaderValue(contentType);
            return fileContent;

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Published on August 04, 2016