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This year has been one heck of a ride, almost completed another year completed and things are still extremely active and busy! So much has happened in these past few months, along with my attitude on life, and so far I have had nothing but great experiences as a result. The problem is finding time to share my experiences on a blog post for everybody else to read.

Going forward, I think instead of planning out nice big blog posts which never happen, I am going to make more frequent, smaller blog posts which should in turn provide more content to my website.

Anyway, until I begin with my useful posts covering things I have to share, here is a summary of what I have done since my last blog post.

  • Competed in Malmö Toughest 8km obstacle course
  • Competed in Helsingborg Springtime 10km race
  • Learned a load of Swedish and Danish words
  • Visited Poland
  • Backpacked around Japan
  • Was interviewed in the fashion capital of Tokyo, Japan for my style
  • Attended a coding hackathon in Spain
  • Was on the speaker’s committee for the large tech conference Leetspeak 2015 which was held in Stockholm
  • Learned NancyFX
  • Migrated a friend’s WinForms application to a self hosted NancyFX application
  • Learned Python
  • Learned EPiServer
  • Sent a load of pull requests to a number of OpenSource projects
  • Completed Hacktoberfest 2015 in under an hour
  • Bought tickets for BuildStuff 2015 in Lithuania
  • Bought plane tickets for my first trip of 2016, Amsterdam

KidSpeak in Lund

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Published on March 22, 2017