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Once more, I am delayed in actually making blog posts, as I have been ever so busy with numerous different things. Let us go through a summary of what I have been up to since my last blog post..

I have been enrolled onto more training courses, learned a lot more useful functionality in the .NET 3.5 framework, increased my production rate with use of a lovely tool called ReSharper, saved my work a fair chunk of money in server costs by identifying some unrequited hardware and migrating some architecture around. Another bit of good news is that I have finally booked my driving test for my car, and on that topic, today upgraded the speakers in my Land Rover to a much better system. I also was asked to join a 4x4 club by a lovely young lady at my local music store when I went in to buy some new headphones.

So to the most part, everything is going very well, I have signed up to the Gym with a personal trainer, managed to put on nearly a stone of muscle, feeling much healthier, and I also upgraded my home network to N1.

The next thing I want to try do is take on a few more freelance projects, as I now feel I have a good grip over my day job, and what I do there has dramatically increased my productivity levels, not only from having worked with professionals/contractors who are specialists in their own fields, but also from all the learning material and time I am given to further my own development. I would love to take a vacation later this year, so the extra money would be great to help me pay off the credit card before I head off.

I am sure that it will be probably another month before I actually post here again, but most likely there will be some even more interesting things for me to share.

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Published on March 22, 2017