Contour Logic - First Update

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Last night I added the following features:

  • Enter in x/y/z Co-ordinates
  • Draw lines between each x/y located on the same z

I also added 2 additional bits:

  • Enter in Tag/x/y/z/Code (change)
  • Draw Label with text Code

I will also look into adding the ability to drag the Labels around, thus allowing the user to have control over them.

To do:

  • Specify how smooth line edges are to be drawn
  • Save to local editable format
  • Export to AutoCAD (*.dxf) format
  • Drag Labels to new position

I also need to add some math for the line draw function, as at the moment it just draws all lines on the same Z by going through the list in order, rather than determining which is the nearest co-ordinate.

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Published on March 22, 2017