Contour Logic - Second Update

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Well it’s a been a few days since I last updated this, so here is a what is what has changed:


  • Import *.SV Data file into DataTable (linked to DataGridView)
  • Manually enter/edit/remove records to DataGridView
  • Draw Points onto ModelArea
  • Draw Labels next to each Point
  • Draw Contour Lines (only supports positive whole numbers at present)

To Do:

  • Add Support for Contour Lines with 2 Decimal Places
  • Group Contour Lines by the Z
  • Export Data back to Custom Editable Format
  • Export to AutoCAD (*.dxf) format
  • Drag Labels to new position
  • Contour Lines to Re-Draw each time a Point is moved
  • Add Grid Lines to ModelArea
  • Resize ModelArea to suite the Data

It’s looking quite good, the client is please with the state of the application at present, and I’m looking forward to playing around with it a bit more. The best part is that working on this, relieves a heck of a lot of stress, as one of my other projects (CartoLogix) was seriously starting get to me.

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Published on March 22, 2017