Nearing Completion

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Unfortunately I have been busy with a lot of other work which takes precedence over me completing this website.

However I am now slowly finishing it all off, I’ve just about finished the Home page, and Blog, just need to make a few tweaks. I need to sit down with my friend who is a technical writer to sort out the Products and Portfolio sections, and I should hopefully have the Contact form completed today at some point.

After I’ve finished up the frontend, I can whip up a nice little CMS for myself, as my previous CMS, I wrote in PHP, and this new website runs purely on ASP.NET. I’m trying to make best use of all the functionality of .NET - so far I’ve done MasterPages, and a few Server Controls, however I think for the CMS I will make a few custom usercontrols.

KidSpeak in Lund

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Another site for my content

Published on March 22, 2017